Baseball, The RiverDogs and the Life of Larry Doby

Baseball.  The River Dogs and the Life of Larry Doby (Camden, SC) - SOFT COVER BOOK ONLY - includes shipping

This book was written to honor baseball and Larry Doby, an African American player, borne in Camden, South Carolina.  It was a result of A Backpack Journalist's extended day third and fourth grade classroom studies at Sanders Clyde Creative Arts School, Charleston Promise Neighborhood, and three 21st Century students at Burke Middle High School. 

We studied and researched the life of Larry Doby, his positive impact he made on Baseball in the 1940's and more importantly on race relations that continues today.  The RiverDogs, a Charleston, South Carolina MiLB team, annually honors the life of LarryDoby and our book will be released on that weekend. June 20-21, 2015, at THE JOE. The scholars and students were totally involved in the drafting, writing and publishing of this book, including the photography.  We had an "editorial" committee, worked from index cards and spent time brainstorming on the FAQ's that appear in this book.   By the close of this lesson, the scholars were totally engaged with #14, Larry Doby and his accomplishments and contributions.  A Backpack Journalist oversaw the final editing, and fact checking, and on line layout and design via a printing on demand publisher. 

The book is being sold with a percentage of the sales being dedicated to helping establish an athletic program/supplies for baseball at the Sanders Clyde Creative Arts School.  The book purchase also comes with TWO free RiverDogs game tickets.   


Doby won the World Series in the same year that  Martin Luther King was only 19 years old, and at Morehouse College. Larry Doby was credited with helping break the Baseball “Color Line”, and he did so by simply “loving playing the game of baseball, with incredible proficient athletic skill".  Larry Doby was often called the “big man” and respected highly for his family life, his dedication to sharing his love of baseball with youth, and was voted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 2003. 

Doby was first drafted by Bill Veeck in 1947, only three months following Jack Robinson.  Mike Veeck, Bill's son, owns theRiverDogs in Charleston, SC and grew up with Larry Doby and his family.  We were fortunate to interview Mike in his office in Charleston, and to also have access to the movie:  "Pride against Prejudice, the story about Larry Doby", a Showtime movie.  The scholars learned first hand many unknown facts about Larry Doby!

Baseball is an all-American pastime since the late 1800’s and with a history filled with players, statistics, fast and curve balls. Baseball originated here in the United States following years of cricket and other ground sports.  Cooperstown, New York, the home of the National Baseball Hall of Fame, has rooms filled with memorabilia to help tell this American story as it ties back throughout our Nation's history.

 A story that has made a significant contribution to the American life as time passed through many military conflicts, the depression, and segregation.  This story includes an afternoon or evening game enjoying Cracker Jacks and hot dogs, the excitement of a stolen base, the fast pitch and a theme song that includes:  “Take me out to the Ballgame!” played on an old pipe organ that Americans can be heard singing while not in the ballpark!  

Baseball is also a sport that does not require a huge physical presence, but you must be able to run, throw a ball, hit and catch and be a keen observer!  Thus, as we interviewed Mike Veeck one of the key questions was:  "Sir, how can we get into Baseball?  What does it take?"  The scholars many of whom are small in stature loved hearing his answer! 

The book also comes with TWO free RiverDog tickets to any game of the purchasers' choosing. (this is actually the value of the retail price of the book) .  The Lesson Plan is a Thematic Unit - Examining the role of media and its impact on the Civil Rights Movement, by researching and studying the life of Larry Doby


 A donation is being made (a percentage of the net sales of the book) to help establish a Sanders Clyde - Athletic Fund for Baseball. and St. Julian Divine Community Center. 

Baseball, The RiverDogs and the Life of Larry Doby
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