Chas Harbor, SCPA, and the Seaport filmmaking, wk 2 deposit

July 16-20, 2018 this is the second week offering.  Inspire - Backpack Journalist filmmaking camp - collect the story of the Charleston Harbor, the Coast Gaord and the US Army Corp of Engineers - plus the SC Port Authority.  LIMITED SEATING.   THis is a deposit only - of $75.  Total camp is $250, and camp hours 9 to 4, weekly, and with the option to add in weekend without any extra charges.

(Basics of filmmaking/The Six word story and film) 

This is a STEAM week, filled with observation, writing, reporting and photography to include a final short film. (4th to 11th grade please)

Overview:  A week is spent studying the Charleston Seaport, Coast Guard organization to include:  SC Port Authority locations, the nautical history of the harbor that dates back 300 years, the dredging and the US Army Corp of Engineers.  This week is filled with field trips to different locations, using IPADS loaded on Iographers, for ease in taking photos and notes for later producing short films.  Limited Seating, with a pre-interview with a parent/teacher.

Chas Harbor, SCPA, and the Seaport  filmmaking, wk 2 deposit
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