Cowboy Poetry, by Brandon Hall Middle School/few new friends

Friday, December 6, 2013, twenty two students took the stage at Brandon Hall School to recite their original Cowboy Poems. Back in August at the beginning of school, Karen Vaught, the Middle School Principal, invited in a team from A Backpack Journalist to work with the incoming and present students in a “What’s your story” and Into to Cowboy Poetry day. The outcome was a stage filled with youth who recited to an audience filled with parents and school teachers! On hand was Jerry Warren, Georgia’s Cowboy Poet. He arrived early in the afternoon to help each young person learn a few tips about public speaking. Jerry is a rancher in South Georgia, raises cattle and trains horses. He has been writing Cowboy Poetry for twenty years. All of the poems are now in the book: Cowboy Poetry by Brandon Hall Middle School Students and a few friends! It should be noted that Grace from the Atlanta Girls School and Hayden, a member of FFA in Thomaston, Georgia (Upson Lee Middle School) joined in as they had written Cowboy Poems for another event that had been cancelled. So they were invited to join in. With this printed 9 x 12 book - comes an E Book also to be uploaded to an E Reader. $5.00 of this sale is being donated to the Brandon Hall School Foundation

Cowboy Poetry, by Brandon Hall Middle School/few new friends
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