DVD - Pride Against Prejudice, The Larry Doby Story

Documentary - that chronicles the Life of Larry Doby, and with a timeline to the African American Civll Rights Movement from 1947 forward.   Documentary is based on the book by Joseph Thomas Moore:  Pride Against Prejudice: The Larry Doby Story.

This DVD accompanies the Thematic Unit found in the BOOK - Baseball, The Riverdogs and the Life of Larry Doby

Doby was always considered the Number 2 behind Jackie Robinson; however was quite possibly a better Baseball player than Robinson, and was also considered a race relations hero!  He hit the home run that won the World Series for the Cleveland Indians, in 1948, while Martin Luther King was 19, and at Morehouse College.

Purchase the DVD by itself, or in a bundle with the book and thematic unit.


Pride against Prejudice, a Bud Greenspan presents, A Story about Larry Doby

The movie has edited black and white news reels, video clips, and music from the l940s with lyrics that tell the story of baseball. There are also radio broadcasts, and photographs of teams.  The movie is divided into sections as follows:

            Opening:  Describes American life as it was in the 1940s including segregation.  Actual video clippings from the 1948 Democratic Campaign with Hubert Humphrey speaking, the debate over states’ rights, and the nomination of Harry Truman. 

            The way it was:  Addresses life as a member of the Negro baseball leagues, life as it was in the 1940s, and introduces Larry Doby as an accomplished athlete.

            From Camden, SC to Paterson, NJ.  In 1938, Doby left Camden, NJ to join his mother.  Historical photographs and a personal reflection by Doby are included here as are stories about his upbringing.

            Even God Loved Baseball – Sundays after church, baseball stadiums were filled!  Video clips show the stands, and commentary addresses the acceptance of baseball in America.

            The Color Line:  Baseball in the 1940s included Negro Leagues and only Whites played in the Majors.  In 1948, President Truman signed an executive order to allow the integration of Blacks into the military. 

            Veeck Rickey & Smith – Bill Veeck and Branch Rickey share stories of their own personal influence as each brought an African American player into the majors.  Rickey first signed Jack (Jackie) Robinson and then Bill Veeck signed Larry Doby three months later.  Smith was the journalist of the times who reported consistently on the advances being made by Veeck and Rickey.

            The Dark Ages - 1956

“He roomed with Satchel’s Luggage” – Larry’s Moment in time!

1956 – Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King

Doby as a racial pioneer along with Jack Robinson.


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