Kids Guide to Charleston, deposit

Deposit for Kids Guide Camp

Week of June 25-29, 2018

$250 per week, bag lunch required. 

Charleston, SC

June 25-29, 2018

Kids' Guide to Charleston, SC

This is a STEAM week, filled with observation, writing, reporting and photography to include many locations in Charleston, SC just for kids.  These 5 days we spend about 80% of our time outside, and walking or riding on CARTA as we tour and capture our beautiful historic city by taking photographs or filming.

Day one, we gather to plan out our weeks' field trips, and to review our writing, observation and filming skills.  Each day we travel the City of Charleston to gather the history found at the location, interview and then photograph and film.  We begin at the Museum Mile, and move to  Waterfront Park where we can cool off, the Farmers Markets, the Slave Museum, taking a Buxton Books' Walking Tour, and always stopping off at City Hall, where the council chambers have walls filled with historic portraits of our forefathers. Not to forget, Charleston has many candy and ice cream shops, and a beautiful sea port.  For certain, we visit the SC Port Authority, and take a Charleston Harbor Boat ride, making sure we take photos and short films of our beautiful city!

$75 deposit - $250 per week, Bag lunch.

9 to 4 daily

Kids Guide to Charleston, deposit
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